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North Sea thinkers

Penelope Cain



Penelope Cain has a research science background, with a BFA and MFA from the University of Sydney. 

She has been awarded residencies at the Cite International des Artes, Paris, the British School of Rome, Italy, and most recently, the Glenfiddich Contemporary Art Residency, Scotland (2019).


She has exhibited in London, Taipei, Seoul, Australia and Rome. Exhibitions in 2019 include solo exhibition at the Casula Arts Centre, Stroud Museum in the Park (Curated by Patricia O'Brien), Stroud, and Taoyuan Art x Media Exhibition, Taiwan. 

Landscape in its widest terms is central to my practice. There is a German term, Kulturelandschaft, that describes a landscape marked by human culture; an inhabited and occupied landscape, bearing the manifest residues and remains of our cultural, physical and economic presence on the land. This is the territorialised, extracted and transformed landscape of the Anthropocene and the focus of my practice.

Across 2019 and ongoing, I have been considering the landscape-based relationships between lead contamination detected in icecore samples in Peru and Greenland, through biomapping activities.


Currently Im undertaking walking performances in the liminal tidal flats adjacent to overwintering oilrigs in Cromerty, to consider a propositional landscape-based line of sight between these and nearby offshore windturbines, through ideas around the geopolitical term 'rimlands'.

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