North Sea thinkers

Kitty Hillier

Lives & works in Falmouth, Cornwall.


What I have always enjoyed in painting, and continue to strive for in my work, is when you can get lost in a 10cm square; that tracking in and out between a variety of marks layered together on the surface and a deeper space that the viewer can be drawn into. Developing my own language of abstract marks, I want to create thought provoking works full of tension and mystery, with perfect balance of form and colour. The viewer becomes part of the work by bringing their own narratives to it. I'm interested in the conversations that art can stimulate and in our digital world the importance of having real, unfiltered experiences and face-to-face discourse.


Offering the viewer a space to contemplate, both jarring and harmonious combinations of painted shapes are altered, covered, carefully revealed and reworked until a final resolution is reached. Most forms come from my drawings of details or objects noticed while out in the landscape, others derive from remembered walks, dreams, or other found material.


Looking and pausing to appreciate the beauty of simple things every day brings joy. I've been working on plywood for over 13 years, there's so much beauty in the layers of this commonplace material. Recently I have also started to play around with red earthenware clay, terracotta, making large dishes to encourage sitting and sharing food and ideas together.