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North Sea thinkers

Jorieke Rottier


Jorieke Rottier lives and works in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. She graduated AKV St. Joost Breda in 2016. Exhibiting and working as Artist in Residence at TAC Eindhoven, ruimteCaesuur, Alliance Francaise de Karachi, among others.


Co-founder of

Rendering an image is a solitary and often time-consuming process. Time is the most precious thing we have and contemporary society tells us to spend our time usefully, by which they mean useful in an economical sense. Making the decision to be alone is therefor a radical choice. By being alone a distancing from the economic motives and measures takes place.


Through my work I want to share another perspective on everyday textures. I work from all that I experience while reading, while wandering the streets and walking along the seashore. This input is being transformed and captured by lines of ink, thread and things that have lost their original purpose.


These materials give a rhythm and density/solidness to my artwork. Most of my work has a fragility to it. Sometimes it even vanishes during the exhibition, like my chalk-drawings on the floor. The process of creating time-consuming work that in time will disappear shows the defenselessness of being.

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