North Sea thinkers

Alessandro Perini


Alessandro Perini was born in 1983 in Italy. He studied Composition (with Luca Francesconi and Ivan Fedele among others), Electronic Music and Science of Musical Communication in Italy and Sweden


I take time to impregnate myself with the spirit of the place; I listen to it and analyze it. This experience is the starting point from which I design a listening spot, a tool, a machine, a hybrid artifact. I work with sound, with wearables, with listening experiences, with custom-made machines. Sometimes I experiment with found materials and spaces, integrating the act of listening (even tactile listening, which means that one listens with one’s body) in the landscape or environment, thus creating listening spots which let us experience spaces from a different perspective.

My works often try to create a hybrid between the natural element, the artificial design or the architectural object and the musical instrument. This practice opens up the path for a reflection about the nature of our living environment, the use we make of it and the architectural planning of the landscape; nevertheless a crucial concept is the “intimacy of listening“, a one-to-one listening experience (not always carried on with one’s ears only) which enables us to enter a more close dimension with the natural/artificial element and to establish a deeper, unspeakable connection with it.